“Team Up to Clean Up” (TU2CU) is an annual event that assists local homeowners residing in the City of Pasadena with projects that they are physically or financially unable to complete. TU2CU teams up industry, business, and community leaders to work together to beautify the City of Pasadena. Through this partnership, the team can improve the health, safety, and quality of life for Pasadena residents in need of a helping hand.

This community outreach program was initiated in 2018 after Hurricane Harvey caused extensive damage to many homes in the Pasadena community. In 2021, due to COVID, a total of 5 projects were completed. To date, TU2CU has completed 50 projects. The goal for 2022 was to complete an additional ten projects. NCTI assembled a team of 12 volunteers to participate in the event held September 10th. The Company also made a monetary contribution to the City of Pasadena in the amount of $2,500.00, as a gold level sponsor, to assist with program costs, such as project supplies.

We are grateful to everyone who joined this established network of industry, business, and community leaders who share common values of giving back. Thanks to their partnership, TU2CU 2022 was a tremendous success.

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