Capacitor Fluid AS-90E


AS-90E capacitor fluid was formulated to possess better physical and electrical properties than PXE at a reasonable price point. AS-90E is not recommended where high-performance is demanded.


The AS-90E chemical composition has a lower viscosity than PXE. The lower the viscosity,the better the hydrogen gas is diffused and absorbed back into the fluid. Capacitor fluids with higher viscosities are prone to exhibit voids within the fluid which cause a reduction in diffusion and absorption capacity. This leads to the potential of partial discharge just before breakdown.

Applied Benefits:

Although AS-90E is not a high-performance dielectric fluid, it is an economical solution having better performance compared to that of pXE.

Safety Data Sheet

Chemical Composition

Capacitor Fluid AS-90E Chemical Breakdown

Viscosity (Log Scale)

Capacitor Fluid AS-90E Viscosity Chart

Breakdown Voltage

Capacitor Fluid AS-90E breakdown voltage Chart