CoProduct Streams

Mixed Bottoms

Heavy stream containing ENB (ethylidene norbornene) and BD (butadiene) oligomers along with bicyclo and TCPD(tricyclopentadiene) compounds.

Blended Fuel

Blend of mixed C6 thru C22 aromatic hydrocarbons used for fuel.

Benzene B

An approximate 90% benzene stream containing acetone.

Benzene A

A 98% benzene stream containing toluene.


A DCPD(Dicyclopentadiene) Raffinate stream containing DCPD, oligomers of DCPD and MDCPD(methyl DCPD) for use in resins.

DCPD Lights

A DCPD(Dicyclopentadiene) CoProduct stream containing 30-50 % DCPD, remainder light co-dimers and other lighter than DCPD material. 


(Tetrahydroindene) stream containing >60% THI along with DCPD and other oligomers for use in resins.


A VCH(Vinylcyclohexene) stream containing >90% VCH along with VNB, CPD, and others for use in resins.

Stripper Fuel

A blend of light aromatics and non-aromatics used as a fuel.