Heavy Aromatic Solvents

Our AS solvents originate from chemical manufacturing processes, in particular, catalytic reactions between basic commodity type chemicals.



AS-220 is a highly aromatic stream consisting mainly of alkyl substituted benzenes, mainly C9 thru C20. These single benzene ring molecules make up the lighter boiling application of our wash oils. AS-220 contains less than 1% naphthalene. We do offer an AS-220ND that is less than 0.25% naphthalene


AS-110 consists of highly aromatic compounds that contain alkyl substituted molecules containing two benzene rings. AS-110 consists mainly of phenyl ethyl phenyl ethanes (PEPE) and ethyl substituted forms of these same PEPE molecules, typically C14 thru C20 compounds. This is the heaviest solvent we offer, having the highest average boiling range. AS-110 is naphthalene free.


AS-160 is a 50/50 blend of AS-220 and AS-110 and as such covers a much wider boiling range than either of its blend components. AS-160 contain less than 0.5% naphthalene.

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