Custom Chemicals

Known for pioneering the global market on new chemical formulations, NCTI produces an expanding line of specialty chemicals known as Custom Products. This product line allows us to maintain a leading innovative position within the global marketplace through our multi-national R&D collaboration. Located in Pasadena, TX, NCTI has the process ability and technical expertise to produce a variety of custom chemical formulations to satisfy our customer’s requirements to satisfy our customer’s requirements. NCTI has had much success in developing custom products to fit unique specific needs of our customers over the years. Contact NCTI today to see if we can help assist with your custom chemical needs.

Two commercially available products are:


TBEB is a mixture of tert-butyl ethyl benzene isomers. TBEB is used in the production of reactive monomers for use in a wide variety of industrial applications such as adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and resins to name a few.


1,2-DPE is an ultra-pure 1,2-diphenylethane. 1,2-DPE is used in the production of flame-retardant clothing to provide a reliable layer of protection for plant operators, fire fighters and many more.