Nippon Chemical Texas Incorporated ( NCTI ) is a part of ENEOS Corporation., specialty chemical division. Since NCTI started operations out of the Pasadena Texas facility in 1993 under the name Nisseki, NCTI has distinguished itself globally into the two specialty chemical businesses of ENB (Ethylidene Norbornene) & SAS (Specialty Aromatic Solvent).


special Aromatic Solvents
The SAS(Specialty Aromatic Solvents) product line is globally recognized in high voltage capacitor fluid, heat transfer fluid, compressor wash oil, carbonless copy paper solvent, flame retardant solvents, fertilizer and insecticide application, low odor/ low VOC formulary solvent applications, and proprietary chemistries that solve unmet needs of the customer.
Polymers and Monomers

ENB(Ethylidene Norbornene) is primarily used in the production of certain grades of EPDM rubber. NCTI operates two units of ENB Production on the Pasadena Texas site. A third ENB unit is located in Kashima Japan servicing the Asian market, thus making NCTI the dependable world leader in ENB supply.

Custom Chemical

Known for pioneering the global market on new chemical formulations, NCTI produces an expanding line of specialty chemicals known as Custom Products.

CoProduct Streams

Heavy stream containing ENB (ethylidene norbornene) and BD (butadiene) oligomers along with bicyclo and TCPD(tricyclopentadiene) compounds.