Special Aromatic Solvents

The SAS(Specialty Aromatic Solvents) product line is globally recognized in high voltage capacitor fluid, heat transfer fluid, compressor wash oil, carbonless copy paper solvent, flame retardant solvents, fertilizer and insecticide application, low odor/ low VOC formulary solvent applications, and proprietary chemistries that solve unmet needs of the customer. We have fixed-bed reactors and ten Columns and a Crystallizer, which enables us to produce a variety of products, especially by Alkylation reaction of Aromatics.

Capacitor Fluid

World’s largest premium performance dielectric fluid that has exceptional over voltage cycling values and dielectric strength in all climatic conditions.

Heat Transfer Fluid

Robust offering to meet customer’s requirements for high temperature applications and long-term performance.

Compressor Wash Oil

Portfolio of “Sulfur Free” and low naphthalene wash oils to accommodate wide boiling point ranges.

Agro Chemicals/ Fertilizer

NCTI produces SS-300 that is used in coatings, insecticide, and fertilizer. SS-300 is a mixture of di- and tri- isopropyl biphenyl isomers with low oder and low VOC.

Heavy Aromatic Solvents

Our AS solvents originate from chemical manufacturing processes, in particular, catalytic reactions between basic commodity type chemicals.